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Which Wine matches your favourite Netflix show?

Narcos and Malbec

Narcos follows the infamous Colombian cartel lead by Pablo Escobar as the FBI meet them head on in a brutal and bloody conflict. Dark and mysterious the wine that embodies Narcos is the Argentinean Malbec.

Darkly fruited and intensely concentrated with blackberries, plums and vanilla the Malbec keeps you wanting more. There is no better wine than this South American drop to keep you company as you take in Pablos exploits.

Fyre Festival and Riesling

The documentary of the year so far, Fyre Festival was the greatest festival that never happened. Prepared to be shocked at the unfolding events as one narcassistic, egotistical "entrepreneur" attempts to throw a music festival in Bahamas.

For a wine just an unexpected as Fyre story line look no further than the Riesling. Bright, aromatic but also fresh and crisp the Riesling provides a refreshing touch when you're on the edge of your seat.

Riverdale and Syrah

3 seasons worth of the adventures of Archie, Veronica and Jug Head as they hunt down criminals in Riverdale, this is a Netflix favourite. From the Black Hood to the Gargoyle King we think the perfect must have wine for this show is Syrah. A little rich and mysterious but equally smooth and easy drinking the Syrah makes the perfect partner for this comic book re boot.


The Crown and Sauvignon Blanc

Chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth from her pre imminent years, her ascension to the throne, through to the tumultuous years of WWII, this period drama will have you glued to the screen and inadvertently soaking up some serious history. Our most famous wine export to the UK is Sauvignon Blanc so we think it rather fitting that the life of Elizabeth be observed with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand.

Bridesmaids and Rose

A cult favourite, it is hard to scroll past this laugh a minute comedy. Its even harder to hop on a flight without imagining a "colonial woman" on the wing. Following the hilarious exploits of the Bridesmaids, from food poisoning through to a mid air disaster there is only one wine that can be in your hand during this movie. Rose. Fun, fruity and always a good time. Like Bridesmaids,, this is a drink that can be enjoyed year around.

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