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When you're out on a date, whether it be dinner or even a picnic, it is likely that you will be sharing a bottle of wine together. So what better way to display you wine prowess than with a few wine facts.

We have curated some of the most interesting facts about wine that are sure to impress your date. 

1. There are more than 5,000 grape varieties around the world. 

There are a lot of varieties out there, some even estimate that there could be up to 10,000. Regardless, we love the fact that you could technically try a new wine every day for years!

2. There are several methods to making sparkling wine. 

There are in fact, 6 major ways to make sparkling wine, with the two most common being the Tank Method (Charmat) and the Traditional method (Champenoise). 

The tank method makes making sparkling wine a bit easier as the second fermentation is done inside the tank, which is exactly how Prosecco is made in Italy. It is a much more affordable way of producing sparkling wines compared to the more traditional method.

With Champenoise, the second fermentation takes place inside the bottle. Champagne and cava are always made with this method, hence the more expensive price tag. There are a variety of other types of wine that make their wine in this way and you will always be able to tell by reading the label.

3. Temperature is very important.

The fact is, as soon as the wine enters your glass, it’s going to immediately start warming. So keep it slightly cooler than you might think and always hold your glass by the stem.

Temperature is crucial to enhance and bring out the flavours of the wine, too cold and you wont be able to taste the flavours and aromas but too hot and the alcohol overpowers the fruit and will even feel hot in your mouth. So when you see those cute photos on Instagram of people heating their wine by the fire make sure you have a second glass on hand to drink.

Here is the optimal temperatures for different types of wine

  • Sparkling Wine – Ice Cold. You’ll want to serve a sparkling around (5-10º C).
  • White Wine – Refrigerated. White wines should be around (7-14º C).
  • Light Red – Chilled. Keep light reds such as Pinot Noir, Grenache, etc. around (12-17º C).
  • Big Reds – Cool. This is the one that usually surprises people, the fact that reds should be served around (17-21º C)

Just remember that as soon as the wine is poured in the glass, it will start to warm. so its a good idea to have your wine sitting at a slightly colder temperature than you would drink it at to make sure by the time it is in your glass and ready to drink it is at the perfect temperature.

4. The Vatican Loves wine. 

Out of all the wine drinking countries in the world, it is the tiny nation of The Vatican that consumes the most wine per capita a whopping 74 liters per person!

5. Smelling is just as important than tasting. 

Drinking wine is more than about just tasting it, in fact your nose is just as important when it comes to getting the full experience  of the wine. It is a well known fact that what we taste in our mouth is heavily influenced by what we small, up to 80% in fact. So don't forget to have a sniff when savouring your favourite wine.

6. There is a difference between old and new world wines

These are the two major categories of wine. Old world is basically Europe, where the origins of wine making can be found. New World , is essentially everywhere else, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina. There are differences in taste and style between both Old and New World and the different regions within these.



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