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Villa Maria has been proudly recognised as New Zealand’s Most Awarded Winery for over 35 years and our Cellar Selection range is the perfect embodiment of our ongoing quest for award winning quality.

With over 6 varietals in the Cellar Selection range there is a wine for everyone and the perfect wine to match to any dish that you are serving tonight.

One of the best features of Villa Maria’s Cellar Selection range of wines is how food-friendly they are. Cellar Selection wines are made to be shared, making them the perfect accompaniment for your dinner parties, or to be savoured at food and wine pairing evenings. The enticing varietal aromas and beautiful fruit-driven flavours make these wines an entertainer’s delight.

What Makes our Cellar Selection range so special?

The key step up  to Cellar Selection begins in the vineyard. By restricting the amount of grapes we pick, ensures that the wine has more concentrated flavours in the grape bunches and a richer style of wine. We also use premium oak barrels, that ensure that the wines we produce have a better texture and complexity by the time it arrives in your glass. This means that the rich, flavourful wines are the perfect pairing for a variety of food dishes.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have put together some of our favourite dishes paired with a Cellar Selection wine.



Match your favourite food with a Cellar Selection wine

1. Burgers and Syrah

A crowd favourite, burgers are a BBQ staple perfectly matched with Syrah. With a fruity punch and a peppery edge, this red plays up the flavours of a variety of your favourite burgers, especially the much-loved beef burger. The flavours and aromas of the Cellar Selection Syrah make the perfect accompaniment to your favourite burger.

2. Sausages and Rosé

Sausages and Rose, an unexpected match made in BBQ heaven. Whether your favoured fare is pork, beef or even lamb, sausages match with the touch of sweetness, fruit and acidity in your favourite glass of Rose. The Cellar Selection Rose has a perfect weight and vibrant fruit for your summer sausage sizzle.

3. Lamb and Merlot

The land of the BBQ and millions of sheep, a kiwi BBQ classic has to be lamb. Pairing well with a variety of reds, Merlot is one of the front runners with its plum and black cherry flavours. Medium to full bodied, the Cellar Selection Merlot is a great choice for your BBQ lamb, from chops to a marinated leg you can’t go wrong.

4. Grilled Chicken and Pinot Gris

Chicken kebabs are a staple on the kiwi BBQ. Although typically sold already pre skewered they are typically made from chicken breast which can get a bit dry on the grill. With a bit of garlic marinade and the charcoal flavours from the grill, chicken kebabs go exceptionally well with Pinot Gris. This food friendly, medium bodied wine has the perfect balance of citrus and acidity to bring out the marinade in the chicken

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