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How has technology impacted conversation?

Whether it’s email, text, WhatsApp groups, Instagram DMs or Facebook Messenger, in recent years, the rise in technological communication has been massive. Here at Villa Maria, face to face conversations played an integral role in the forming of the company, and have continued to shape what we do, so we wanted to explore the impact that the rise of technology has had on conversation.

We partnered up with Opinion Matters to see what the UK thinks about technology in relation to conversation, and the important role conversation still plays amidst a digital era.

The decline of face to face conversations

Social media has meant that mountains of information are literally at our fingertips and astonishingly 39% of UK adults agree that social media has rendered face to face communication unnecessary. British millennials (aged 24-42) are the most digitally minded, with nearly half (48%) agreeing that following people’s lives on social media means talking face to face is less necessary, while 67% of UK adults admit that they prefer not to speak with people face to face!

Don’t take that tone with me

Here at Villa Maria we understand the value in catching up with friends over a glass of wine, but surprisingly, 5.2 million UK adults think technology makes it unnecessary for them to speak verbally with friends and family, with 2.6 million people UK adults admitting that they communicate with their family most often through a group chat. However, some things just can’t be conveyed through a screen, as our survey found when it came to conversational misunderstandings. 65% of Gen Z (aged 16-23) confessed that they had fallen out with a friend or partner after misinterpreting a message!

Britain’s cupid

All of that aside, people do feel that technology has given them new-found confidence to communicate and meet new friends, with 20% of people having made a close friend thanks to technology. Furthermore, technology is proving to be Britain’s cupid, with over than 4.7 million Brits crediting technology for helping them meet their partner through an app.


Technology has provided us with endless opportunities and facilitated so many conversations which would have otherwise been impossible but with the ability to easily communicate at our fingertips, it can be easy to overlook the importance of face to face conversation. Here at Villa Maria, we love nothing more than setting the world to rights with friends, family and new acquaintances over a glass of wine, and we encourage you to do the same!

Explore Talking Tech to enjoy our #VillaMariaTalks videos, insight and expert Q&As as we delve deeper to explore how technology is impacting conversation.

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