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So much of our lives are spent with our work colleagues, but how does the way we converse at work alter from when we are outside of work? Here at Villa Maria, our aim is to create a family atmosphere, where our colleagues are encouraged to feel relaxed and comfortable when communicating with each other.

In the latest instalment of our Villa Maria Talks series, we will be Talking Shop, as we explore the ways people converse in the workplace.

Email is the new face-to-face

The rise of email has meant that you can conceivably do your job without ever needing to engage in face-to-face conversations. However, staggeringly, it has meant that 70% of Brits would prefer not to speak to someone face-to-face when at work. Are we just really busy, or are we becoming less sociable?

How well do we know our colleagues?

Incredibly, 20% of Brits admit that they have poor knowledge of their colleagues’ last names, and 13% came clean that they struggle with colleagues’ first names! Why not take some time to get to know the people you work with? It is evident that many Brits do, with an encouraging 33% of Brits say that they would consider some of their colleagues as friends.

Don’t hide behind the screen

Being confident enough to communicate face-to-face goes a long way, with 85% of Gen Z (aged 18 – 24) Brits saying that they consider positive and confident face to face conversation in the workplace as an indicator somebody is good at their job. Sometimes it can be easy to hide behind the screen, but the stats show that people think highly of those who can impress in a face-to-face conversation.

Nearly three-quarters of Brits have agreed that face-to-face communication leads to more efficient and accurate results at work, so why is our readiness to engage in face-to-face communication on the decline? Our name, ‘Villa Maria’ was decided upon when work friends were chatting around the fire, and we believe that many great moments happen when people come together to chat.

Explore Talking Shop to enjoy our #VillaMariaTalks videos, insight and expert Q&As as we delve deeper to explore the way workplace conversations are evolving.

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