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Conversations can make or break a relationship, but what conversational traits do Britons look for in their relationships? Here at Villa Maria, we are exploring all things conversation, from desires and aspirations to regrets and fears.

We partnered up with Opinion Matters to see what the UK considers the top requirements when it comes to starting and building relationships.

Look, listen and laugh!

What makes the perfect conversation on a first date? Listening (48%), eye contact (35%), and laughter (27%) make it onto the podium.

Next time your phone rings during a conversation, think twice about answering it when you’re deep in conversation! It’s a sure-fire way to ruin the conversation and 32% of UK adults see this as the rudest thing to do when mid-chat.

It’s good to be kind

For 25% of women, kindness is the most desirable trait in a potential partner, compared with just 15% for men. Happily, we’re not too shallow, with only 12% of men claiming looks to be the most important aspect, compared with just 4% of women.

We don’t talk anymore

Our survey found that the younger you are, the less confident you are to engage in face to face conversation, with 65% of the senior generation (age 74+) proving to be the most confident when approaching strangers and opening up conversations face to face, followed by 42% of both baby boomers (age 55 – 75) and millennials (age 22 – 37), and just 38% of generation Z (age 18 – 24) feeling confident engaging in face to face conversations. Surprising?

Scared of sounding stupid is stunting conversation

Over 3.1 million Brits would like to meet a partner in real life but are worried they would struggle with conversation starters, while 21% of women regret not engaging in an important conversation due to a fear of sounding stupid.

From sitting down to tell your father that you want to be a wine-maker, to chilling around the BBQ with friends brainstorming names for the company, our founder, Sir George Fistonich knows a thing or two about how conversations can shape your future, as they have continued to play a central role in Villa Maria’s story.

We know that conversations can be difficult sometimes, but we are encouraging people to bring back face-to-face chat – you won’t regret it!

Explore Talking Life to enjoy our #VillaMariaTalks videos, insight and expert Q&As as we delve deeper to explore conversations in relationships.

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