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Villa Maria’s sustainable practices from vine to wine

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Healthy soils and balanced ecosystems

  • We plant over 700kgs of wildflower seeds every year
  • All our vineyards are Sustainable Wine New Zealand certified, with over 30% managed organically
  • Our food waste goes to worm farms which produce fertiliser for our vineyards

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Wineries built with thought and care

  • We harness natural energy using night air cooling and natural lighting
  • Our new Hawkes Bay winery has Dali smart lighting throughout
  • Since 2010 we have reduced our electricity use per bottle by 29%

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Lifecycle focus on products

  • Our glass is supplied by an NZ based manufacturer, reducing carbon emissions from freight and supporting a local business
  • We reduced the weight of our bottles by 16%, decreasing the fuel required for transport
  • Working with our suppliers we are removing 38 tonnes per annum of labeling waste from landfill

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Reducing the impact of our operations

  • Our forklifts have been electric since 2011
  • Our boxes include recycled material and are able to be recycled
  • 100% of our incoming plastic shrink wrap is recycled

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Minimising transport emissions

  • We process our grapes close to the vineyards where they are harvested
  • We are moving from road transport to rail or sea freight where possible, using the lowest emissions options for wine exports

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Changing the way we work

  • We contribute to Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand, Women in Wine and Organic Winegrowers New Zealand
  • We are a founding partner of the Aotearoa Circle, committing to a prosperous and sustainable New Zealand economy
  • Our e-Waste is recycled through Abilities, supporting a social enterprise providing people with disabilities meaningful work

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Enabling responsible consumers

  • We are members of the NZ Packaging Forum and are committed using packaging that is easily recycled
  • To celebrate the expansion of our commercial worm farms in 2018 we gave 50 domestic worm farms away to our customers
  • We are contributing to industry research on low alcohol wines to provide our customers with choice

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