Jonathan Hamlet

Jonathan is a Viticulturist for Villa Maria Estate. He plays an integral part in managing Villa Maria’s 205 hectares Joseph Soler and Te Awa Vineyards in the Hawkes Bay, 41 hectares of which are fully certified with BioGro.

His role involves the challenge of managing vineyards, both organic and conventional while meeting the economic and quality parameters set out by both Villa Maria and the industry.

The vineyard cluster currently produces 17 grape varieties, and four of the Villa Maria company wineries: Villa Maria Estate, Vidal, Esk Valley and Te Awa. Jonathan takes the lead role in bringing the entire Joseph Soler Vineyard (24 hectares remaining) into certified organic productions, and continually works to develop more sustainable production at Te Awa Vineyard.

Jonathan has always had an interest in wine and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Conservation Ecology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology.

The key motivation for Jonathan in his work is simply to “grow great wine”. He has great confidence in organic production as a commercially viable management system and believes the sustainable benefits are important for the wine industry as a whole.